You were born to stand out.

The Astra Jacket combines fashion and function with high-performance fabric and a stylish look making it the perfect accessory for life on the go.

Astra Jackets are reversible, light-weight, packable, wind proof and water resistent.

Wear your light on your sleeve.

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  • Impossibly lightweight, incredibly warm.

  • Functional fashion with space-grade fabric.

Welcome to Team Astra!

Tired of sacrificing style for warmth, Astra founder Carly Lynn started exploring fabrics designed for heat retention. She immediately fell in love with the lightweight, metallic shine of space blankets and set out to turn it into a jacket. The Astra Jacket keeps you warm without weighing you down. The fabric is impossibly lightweight while retaining 90% of body heat. Day to night transition made easy! Give it a try and let us know what you think. Welcome to the Astra family <3

Thank you for being a part of the journey!